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    Timber Demand in China Reached 800,000,000m3
    Release time:2015-04-24   Resource:
    空格The information from State Forestry Bureau shows that the timber demand in China could reach 800,000,000m3.There are two solutions: one is to increase the man-made, industrial raw material and commercial forests to satisfy the demand in China, as the wood strategic reserve base project being implemented will construct 20,000,000 mu forest per year. The other is to make full use of foreign market.Currently, China has invested more than USD 15 billion in foreign forestry projects for leasing and buying the forest lands in foreign countries, covering an area of more than 40,000,000 ha. Based on the legal logging, China cooperates with related countries, especially Russia, to establish factories, conduct processing operation, and import some timbers and wood products from Russia etc. to reach win-win situation.
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