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    Project of Specialty Paper Production Lines 3 & 4 of Fujian Tengrongda Paper Pulp Processing Co., Ltd. Started
    Release time:2015-05-25   Resource:

    空格With the progression of civil works, Project of Specialty Paper Production Lines 3 & 4 was officially implemented on October 25, 2014.
    空格Since the initial R&D of specialty paper project, the Company had worked together to overcome a series of difficulties in product R&D and market development. With continuous improvement of products and expansion of market, the Company has taken high-end market of specialty paper withbrilliant colors and good bulk of our specialty paper products and gradually expanded the market influence with a bright market prospect.
    空格The Project of Specialty Paper Production Lines 3 & 4 marks the completion of the R&D stage of the product. The project has proceeded smoothly so far and was expected to be put into trial run and production in June 2015.

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